Lighter Design

1. The Deviant

You told me now to come back home, so come on.
The sky’s up there, but we’re down here, so come on.
But I got scared. I got scared of the house of wicks.
And I’ll move slow. I’ll move slow with my bag of tricks.

A lonely walker. A lonely walker with a bag of guilt.
A moonlit stumbler. Stumbles down to the abyss.

I have got the feeling that I have lost some time.
I want you to know that you’re my sacrifice.

I wanna fly.

2. Black out

Please won’t you hold my hand. Hold tight for the shakes.
From pressures of the man. Pressures embraced.
Peel this skin off of me. I just can’t wait.
The traffic is in my head. I’m further delayed.
Blacked out crazy world.

So show me the light. Show me the green.
Show me Friday night so, I can make a scene.
Teach me how to walk fast, so I can get away.
From the catch up game, where you liquidate.
Blacked out crazy world.

I want someone made. Produced and up to date.
I don’t want to feel afraid.

I need a break. I need a deal.
I’m so amped up, I can’t even feel.
So peel this skin off of me. I just can’t wait.
For the catch up game where you liquidate.

3. Closer

I’m so much closer to the devil and his friends. We’re making amends.
I’m so much closer to the lost and the found again. Is that where it ends?

4. Recovery Project

Every now and then I wonder if I’m even living for my own self.
Every now and then I’m wondering if I can keep living with my own self.
Oh no, don’t count me out.

I walk a little farther each day. I push a little harder each day.
Oh no, don’t count me out.

5. Blue Blazers

They raced through the night never without a fight.
To them there were no rules. Stomping through your neighborhood.

A benchmark and a lie. Muscles to emphasize.
Turning tears to booze. Everybody playing the fool.

I felt luck before. Now I’m burning down the walls.

Creaky bones, oh I lost sight. Years of broken art.
We’re change renewed. I’ve got something worth a signature for you.

I felt luck before. Now I’m banging down the walls.

Blue Blazers…

6. The Werewolf

I’m a werewolf, where will I end tonight? Everyone who loves me knows me by daylight.
I’m a werewolf, what will I eat tonight? Life flashes by me in moonlight.

I’m a monster, who will I fright tonight? My ghouls and gals and ghostly pals are untied.
I’m a monster, lock me up tight tonight by tar and feather, noose and pleasure do rights.

But I fell in love. I don’t want this day to end again.


You won’t even try and it’s on you. Colleen lives and dies by her muse.
I won’t even cry and it’s on you. So open up your eyes cause’ it’s all true.

The sun that’s in your eyes is all a ruse. She only ever lies on you.
All I wanna do is light a fuse. But Colleen’s in the right, so play the fool.

Come on, reset.

8. End of the Road

When the lights caught up it was the end of the road.
No more slaps on the wrist, ‘cause it’s time to go.
It was a swing and a miss on this holy show.
I wear my heart on my sleeve so I decided to roll.
No more chances. I needed more time.
And I’m tired of wasting away in lines.

It was a quarter to one and I was party to
Some old fashioned crime with a gun in my boot.
It was the third place we hit, started to relax.
When the hero came by and tried to take it all back.
I pulled my trigger, bullets flying around.
And I sent that hero down to the ground.

That’s when we hold on.
Lock me in these walls.

Your mother waits in the car so we’ll make this quick.
I wanna give you a hug but the glass is too thick.
They gave me 20 years for taking a life.
But I’ll be home one day and I’ll make things right.

9. Que Me Duele

Que me duele sin tus abrazos.
Que me duele, no quiero agua.
Quiero dolor en mis ojos y en mi cuerpo.
Que me duele, me dejaste tan solo.

Que me duele caminando por las calles.
Que me duele tratando de encontrarte.
Quiero dolor, olvidar mis amigos.
Que me duele, yo solo te quiero.
No voy a comer mientras te espero.
No voy a dormir mientras te espero.
Y si tu nunca vuelves a mí.
Me voy a dormir por última vez.
Estoy libre debajo de las rocas.
Es frio, pero la tierra me sostiene.
La gente me extrañará
Te buscaré en la próxima vida

10. The Chooser

I don’t want you to come around. I don’t want what you’re throwing down.
I’ve got this smile and I’ll take it back so don’t you hurry now just to paint it black.

I don’t want you to fill the page of history. I don’t want you to feed my pain and misery.
I’ve got this life so won’t you keep in mind that you’re killing me with your vicious lies.

It’s a long and lonely road if we let you go ahead and take control.
It’s a hard earned role and you’re wasting our time.

We don’t want you to win the race with your greedy eyes and your selfish ways.
You’ve got your lobby friends and your kitchen staff and your wounded horse
who’s now second class.

11. The Machine

You go to work
Your milk is weened
It’s easy now
You’re a machine
A heavy head
All full of dreams
It’s easy now
You’re a machine
What I need to escape
Is a complete change

A broken box
Of self esteem
It’s easy now
You’re a machine
On your head
Or on your knees
It’s easy now
You’re a machine

Are you ever gonna open up

12. The Molting

I don’t want to grow older now; just want to stay with you here.
I don’t want to make some big plans; just want to stay with you here.
They asked me to wake up now. I’ll wash it away and away and away.
Wash it away and away and away.

You are free to move over now a little closer my way.
They asked me to wake up now; I’m gonna do it my way.
The pressures to be around; pressures I can’t bear.
Don’t wanna bear. Don’t wanna bear. Don’t wanna bear.